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2020-2021 Academic Year truly has been a year to remember. We were extremely lucky to have an entire year of un-interrupted face-to-face learning; a priveledge not shared by many other schools around the world. Of course, throughout the year we still faced many difficulties related to COVID-19, most notably restricted visitor access to campus for much of the year. Despite this, the community came together and were able to have a very successfully year.

Now, with 2020-2021 Academic Year officially complete, we would like to take journey back to look at some of the stand-out memories from the year that has past;

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We made a difference by cleaning up Shanghai

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Before the school year had even started, the community were out in force, sweating it up in an effort to clean up Shanghai. In collaboration with HandsOn Shanghai, we managed to take 257kg of plastic and other rubbish from a local coastal wetland. We had made a good start on the year.

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We welcomed the community back for the first day of school!

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On 1 September, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi students returned to school after the long summer break. After much anticipation, the students were finally back in their familiar surroundings. It was so great to see them back on campus, catching up with friends and making new ones. The school was once again alive with their laughter and joy.

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We were Finalists for the Best Employer category of the British Business Awards

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We take our commitment to being a leading employer seriously. Although we didn’t take out first place, we were in great company it was wonderful to take part and be recognised for our efforts in this process.

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Despite COVID-19, our students were able to take their residential trips

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“We believe in the value of Outdoor Education for personal development and as a springboard to academic success in the classroom.  Although COVID-19 has had an impact on the venue for our programmes, it hasn’t changed our aims and aspirations for our Senior School students.  They deserve this opportunity.  I am particularly proud of our Year 10 and Year 11 students rising to the challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.  This is a significant achievement that will stand them in good stead for university and beyond” Mr Ingram

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We celebrated a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival together

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We believe in the importance of celebrating Chinese traditions. A knowledge and understanding of culture is an essential element of global citizenship. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival showcased this commitment and provided our students with an important opportunity to take centre stage and enjoy the spotlight.

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We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with some special guests

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Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to celebrate harvest, and those things we are thankful for from the past year. For our students, the efforts they commit throughout their time at the College will result in their future success; what they plant now - with our guidance and support - they will harvest later. It was wonderful to bring together those students and staff from our Canadian community, along with the Chair of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and other guests to share the joy of Canadian Thanksgiving.

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DCI officially launched our alumni platform, Worldwise Alumni Network

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Co-created by alumni, the Worldwise Alumni Network aims to bring our alumni from across our family of schools together, and to build bridges for them to:

  • Develop themselves personally and professionally
  • Connect, re-connect and socialise with other alumni across our family of schools
  • Pioneer positive change - in industry, society, and the global community

We can’t wait to see the benefits the Worldwise Alumni Network will bring to our families in future years.

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We remembered the sacrifices of our forebears through our Remembrance Day assembly, with HM Consul-General in Shanghai, Mr Christopher Wood. 

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“The tradition of Remembrance Day was introduced in 1919 to honour the millions of soldiers who lost their lives in World War I (1914-1918). Remembrance Day is particularly poignant for Dulwich College. Over 3000 Old Alleynians fought in World War I. Tragically 530 of these young men died. Indeed, 9 Old Alleynians fell on a single day in a battle on 25th September 1915.  It’s sobering to reflect upon the profound sense of loss that must have been felt by the Dulwich community at that time”

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We celebrated the Festival of Lights, Diwali

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Looking at different cultures is an important part of our programme, and helps to shape children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. By diving into experiences about people and communities, we help our children to value the identity of their own community by being proud of who they are, and also to understand that there are lots of diverse communities who are different to us. This is the first step towards becoming a global citizen, and helps children to weave a rich tapestry of cultural capital.

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Our community came together for an incredible night of fun at the annual Winter Ball

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The annual Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi Winter Ball is a highlight of the academic year: a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the strength of our community spirit and to come together for an evening of fun, laughter, celebration, entertainment and joy. Our Winter Ball raised over 30,000RMB for our fundraising for Veal Reyoung school in Cambodia, through our partnership with United World Schools

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We shared a magical Christmas time together

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From our Winter Concert and Tree Lighting Ceremony, through charity Christmas decoration sales and visits from Santa himself, the community came together to celebrate a truly magical festive season.

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Polar Photographer, Florian Ledoux, visited virtually and shared a message with our students

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Florian is an award-winning photographer and was international Drone Photographer of the year in 2018. His photography has been published in magazines like National Geographic and Time Magazine.  His efforts to bring new and meaningful images to the global community have also been recognised by conservation organisations such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.  Florian spoke to our community about his commitment to preserving the polar regions and its wildlife

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We launched two new Scholarship Programmes

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Our founding school, Dulwich College in England, has a long tradition of awarding scholarships. Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is proud to draw on this heritage, providing a unique opportunity for gifted students who excel both academically and in the fields of either sport or creative arts to receive prestigious recognition for their talents.

With a rigorous application and selection process, receiving a Dulwich College Scholarship is a rare honour, and one that will highlight exceptional talent not only academically, but also in the chosen scholarship field.

Our successful Scholars have accepted their offers and are looking forward to making a difference in the College community. We can’t wait to share more in the new academic year.

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Our students celebrated the power of words with Puxi Poetry Week

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We believe that every student has the right to access the sharpest minds, past and present, to receive the very best of teaching and learning. Our curriculum embraces all mediums of communication from around the world, exposing students to global views; thoughts, ideas, and knowledge from which they develop their own international mindset. It is our belief that by doing this, our students not only learn about the world around them, but as they develop, they will have a greater ability to transform it in the future. The concept of ‘change’ was the main theme of ‘Puxi Poetry Week’ this year; an opportunity for staff and students to come together to celebrate poetry and take part in a variety of poetry-related events.

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Our first IGCSE results set a high bar, with 100% of grades at A or A*

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We believe that academic excellence is so much more than examination results. It starts with a values led College ethos that emphasizes character development. Indeed, our College values underpin everything we do:

Aim high and work hard
Be kind and respectful
Make a difference

This first set of results truly set a high bar. We are sure it is a bar our students will continue to live up to!

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We ushered in the Year of the Ox in style

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Culture and community featured prominently as we celebrated Chinese New Year across campus. Students enjoyed a wide range of cultural activities over the course of the week: from parades to poetry and cooking to calligraphy. We believe in the value of these opportunities. They reinforce our students’ sense of identity and belonging and promote intercultural understanding, important elements of being a global citizen. They are also lots of fun. The high levels of enagement undoubtedly contributing to the collective wellbeing of students and staff.

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We journeyed to Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds in Book Week

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Book Week was jam-packed with adventures into different worlds. Visitors from outer space and a giant dinosaur greeting students as they entered the campus foreshadowed the exciting activities to come. The week saw so many activities related to literacy and reading it was hard to capture them all, but certainly it reinforced our student’s love of reading, and provided some very memorable moments

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We weren’t dreaming! A Midsummer Night’s Dream was real, and it was spectacular

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Since beginning auditions in August 2020, students had been busy preparing by learning Shakespearean lines, collaborating in scenes, choreographing dances and plotting lighting and sound cues. It has been wonderful to see our students flourish under the pressures of preparing for a live performance, stepping up to their potential and achieving a performance to be proud of.

The Senior School production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was met with laughter and praise from all who attended. Cast and crew celebrated with an afterparty where student voice awards were given to the best actors and technicians of the day.

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A Year 11 student received the highest marks in China for her IGCSE subject!

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59 students across China received 2020 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards. Of these, 17 received a High Achievement award. Only one student in China received the High Achievement award for Mandarin as a Foreign Language, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi student, Jemima. As a College we are proud that in our first ever cohort of IGCSE students, one has already received the highest marks in China for a subject.

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We hosted the only official registered Earth Day 2021 event in Shanghai

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“A flourishing life on land is the foundation for our life on this planet. We are all part of the planet’s ecosystem and we have caused severe damage to it through deforestation, loss of natural habitats and land degradation. Promoting a sustainable use of our ecosystems and preserving biodiversity is not a cause. It is the key to our own survival.”

Our ‘Life on Land’ signs showcase the native bird species that frequently visit the campus and provide us with a unique teaching opportunity to highlight the importance of preserving natural habitats for future generations

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Hearts were melted in our Reception Production, Croak!

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The College community were thrilled to watch the Reception production of ‘Croak!’, a lovely story of a tadpole called Speedy. Speedy was sad because she couldn’t sing along with her froggy friends. However, one day strange things began to happen to her as she started to turn into a frog! With the help of her pond and garden friends, Speedy learnt a few valuable lessons along the way.

The production of was a great success, and audience member’s hearts were melted by the fantastic performances from the students.

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Our students got MADD about the lifecycle of garments

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This year’s Dulwich MADD Festival was a combination of online masterclasses and workshops delivered by professional artists, music producers and guest speakers. The students then took inspiration from these sessions and in conjunction with subject leaders, spent time creating music, art, drama and dance pieces all relating to a common theme. The theme was based around the Sustainability Goal #12, Sustainable consumption and production, and the project was called ‘The lifecycle of a garment’.

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We received official IB Accreditation!

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As an IB World School offering the Diploma Programme, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi joins 'a global community of schools committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world”.

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We celebrated 5 Years of Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi at Founder’s Day

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The day started with the community visiting a wide range of student led booths selling sustainable gifts and fun activities all aimed to raise funds for charity. All funds raised on the day went to support the Veal Reyoung School, a school in rural Cambodia that Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi has pledged to fully fund through our partnership with United World Schools. In total, 35,000RMB was raised throughout the afternoon;  a testament to the generosity of our community and our commitment to making a difference.


What a great way to celebrate our 5th birthday!

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Our Year 3 students took a trip to Antartica through EcoCamp

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On a journey to find out “How future polar explorers can protect against the loss of habitat in Antarctica”, the mission of this year’s EcoCamp was to raise awareness of the challenges Antarctica currently faces, and how it is important to tackle them now so we can ensure we preserve Antarctica and the many ecosystems this vital habitat supports. Of course, they couldn’t really travel to Antarctica, but that didn’t stop them pretending!

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Our students took on the world of mathematics and won!

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Through a range of local and international competitions, our students achieved astounding results. Congratulations to all those students who got involved and took a risk.

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One of our dads won the Grand Prize in the 8th Dulwich Photo Competition

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Andy L, father of Ethan in Year 2, took out the top prize with his photo titled ‘Abandoned Traditions’ in the category, Sustainable Solutions.

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Our sweet tooth was satisfied with the incredible Junior School production performance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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The audience was left gobsmacked by the huge amount of practice and dedication that produced such exceptional dramatic expression, comic timing, high energy dancing and musical interpretation.

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All-in-all, our 5th year was one of significant milestones and achievements. As our community now takes a well-earned rest, behind the scenes a wide range of summer works and improvements are taking place on campus to prepare the College for an even more successful 2021-2022 academic year. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing several more highlights from the academic year, including a major announcement on our fundraising efforts for Veal Reyoung school in Cambodia. Stay tuned, stay safe, and we will see you all again in August.