A Dulwich education goes far beyond the classroom

In 2012, a very well respected British organisation called the UK National Trust compiled a report called ‘Natural Childhood’ (by Stephen Moss).  It examined the shift in the childhood experiences of the current and previous generations, and identified that, due to many barriers – including living in big cities - our children today are facing a “Nature Deficit Disorder.” In simple terms, they are missing out on the joys and educational discoveries of connection with the natural world.

This week, our students aged 7 to 12 years old (Dulwich Year 3 – Year 7) packed their own camping bags, left their homes and the city far behind them – many for the first time – to spend one week experiencing new lessons and adventures that form part of a Dulwich education. Our students learned to build catapults, to study and navigate maps, to safely hike in forests, to create effective shelters out of natural materials, to climb, abseil and camp out. This week, we are proud to say that 100% of our students stepped out of their comfort zone to experience learning beyond books.


Why? Because at Dulwich we place great importance on developing the life skills that your child will need when they graduate in 2025, and beyond. These include stepping out of your comfort zone, working in a team, learning in new environments, designing, creating, succeeding and failing, and trying again - together – for a successful outcome.