Celebrating International Day

This week we celebrated International Day across the College.

In the Primary school, our academic team focused on creating a day where students learnt the importance of unity, acceptance and that together we can all make a difference. As a College we want our students to embrace and enjoy all the different cultures across our planet and whilst we might look similar or different; like similar or different things, most crucially we must all be kind, accepting and respectful of other cultures – we can all be friends. We taught our young students about our beautiful planet and that many countries are united around the 2030 Global Goals. We looked at these important goals and how the world must work hard together with tolerance and compassion. In response to these lessons, the children were reflective and full of ideas.

Together we focused on Global Goal Number 12: ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ and we all pledged to no longer use plastic bags at our school. Instead we can use our newly decorated sustainable Dulwich bags. As a College we are committed to making small steps of change for our planet and giving your childr the voice and choice they need to protect the future of our planet.

International Day highlighted for Primary students that they are part of a bigger picture beyond their homes, and beyond Shanghai. Our planet is in their hands...hands that will make a difference.

In the Senior School, students embraced International Day by working collaboratively to research countries around the world and then present the information they learned about language, culture and traditions to other students. Students were presented with a Dulwich passport so they could document their international discoveries.

International Day also proved to be a deliciously tasty day! Senior students independently prepared traditional dishes from their respective countries, such as South African Bunny Chow and Mexican churros. It was a great way for students to explore other countries, share their findings, and sample the many culinary delights. The day ended with a visit from Primary students who enjoyed an information treasure hunt, whilst being entertained by our talented musicians and dancers who had prepared cultural performances from their countries.

What did students think about their learning experiences during International Day?

‘The food was extraordinary because it was interesting to try food from different cultures’

‘We had lots of fun and learned lots of things about our world and the different cultures’

‘We learnt things like the most popular sport in Italy is football’

‘We learnt about the different geographies of the world’

Our world is beautiful and we are all responsible to ensure it is a healthy place. We wish all of our community a very happy International Day, everyday, and hope that you will support us in our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics in line with the 2030 Global Goals.