Choosing Dulwich Puxi for Senior School

Recently a parent asked me about the benefits of studying at Dulwich Puxi in the Senior School, compared to other schools. I took pause before I answered. There are quite a few benefits here; the academic rigour and the exposure to international opportunities are exceptional. However. There is one benefit that really sets us apart from other schools. Dulwich Puxi offers a bespoke education. And I want to take a moment to expand on the meaning of a bespoke education  – and why every parent should understand these 2 words…

Let’s imagine a student who learns in small sized classes each day. In an environment where that child is known extremely well - as an individual - by every teacher in the Senior School. That child is not a number. Those teachers talk daily with the student and are subsequently able to identify lesson plans and topics that will inspire that student. When tough research assignments come up, that student knows without a shadow of doubt who to go to for help or support. And his teachers are ready to help because they can – with guidance and suggestions. That student is capable and confident in his learning because he feels a real sense of belonging and care for his wellbeing. 

That student is going from good to great, due to a bespoke education. And that is Senior School at Dulwich College Puxi.