Culture, Collaboration and Creativity: Happy Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese Year to all our students and families.

We hope you and your child enjoyed the celebrations.

Today was a wonderful celebration of three key characteristics that I see so often here at Dulwich College Puxi: Culture, Collaboration and Creativity. I saw so many shining happy faces; the joy of our Early Years children watching the lion dancers, being thrilled by the God of Fortune and his colourful gifts, to our Senior School students leading and participating in the Chinese Culture fair which featured so many different cultural activities.

Thank you to our hard-working Mandarin team and all our students who worked together to create a wonderful celebration of Chinese culture. And also to our teachers in Early Years who hosted Stay and Play sessions for all our families. Without your boundless creativity and keen collaboration, we would not have been able to enjoy such a lovely day together.

For those in our community who are journeying home to visit extended family, we wish you safe travels and wonderful connections. All of us in the College look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday 3 February.