Dulwich College Puxi Introduces Renewable Energy

Our students believe that we now live in a world where we must think twice about the energy we use, and where it comes from. Leaving lights on, leaving switches on are behaviours of the past. Students lead the way in exploring and embracing new and renewable energy sources around us.

We have been delighted to partner with William Carlson over the years. William is a talented solar engineer and since the opening of our campus in 2016, he has worked with our students and teachers to introduce solar panels to our roof, solar toy workshops to our primary students, and more recently a solar powered charging station in our main reception.

Not only is the solar powered mobile phone charger fantastic for the environment but it is also a wonderful learning opportunity for our students. As a unit, it collects live time data of the energy being generated by the sun and the amount used to charge phones. Students can access this and apply their learning in Maths, Science and IT. For our more entrepreneurial students, there is a QR code on the unit so there is also scope to generate income, which can be used to fund our wider commitment to sustainability, as part of our service to the making the world a healthier place.