Student agency describes those College’s activities, clubs, or other opportunities which allow our students to take ownership. When students drive choices and get to decide for themselves, rather than be constantly directed by teachers, there are new dimensions of meaningful and relevant learning that takes place. This type of learning won’t necessarily be found in academic textbooks and curriculum guides – instead, it is more focused on those essential life skills that our students will need beyond graduation. Put simply, student agency gives students voice and often, choice. Their ability to make a decision triggers a greater investment of interest and motivation. 

Dulwich Puxi promotes student agency through a range of student leadership opportunities which the College is now advertising for. These student roles will be appointed to commence in the new academic year:

These student leadership roles provide wonderful opportunities for personal and professional development. All applicants will be required to prepare for, and engage with a formal job application process. Students will be required to prepare a cover letter, and following a shortlist process, will be invited to interview with a group panel from the College Leadership Team. The process itself is an extremely valuable life experience for students to engage with.