Dulwich Puxi students visit Oxford

22 students and parents travelled together to England, to explore London and Oxford for 2 weeks of history, art, culture, theatre, music, glorious food and fun! Below is a student's account of their amazing, worldwise experience.

Day 5: Hello, London! 

Dear Diary,

Today we visited London’s tastiest address; the 1000 year old Borough Market. We tried Leicester and Yorkshire cheddars, fresh  seafood from Devon, and strawberries as big as our cheeks. 

We went to The Globe Theatre where we saw Shakespeare performed live on stage, and enjoyed a wonderful tour of the theatre. The costume designs were amazing. Later in the afternoon we swapped 'olde worlde' for new and travelled up, up and away on The London Eye. We felt like birds with a terrific view over sunny London.

London Eye, London Eye.
Many eyes can fly. 
Like an eagle flying in the sky.
I can see clouds floating around. 
Buildings high, building small.
They are getting smaller and smaller
Bigger and bigger.

- A poem by Eric, 7 years old. 

Day 6: Being Our Best On Stage! 

Dear Diary,

Today was spent in Covent Garden for our second Performing Arts & Drama workshop. This time it was with the performance coaches of Aladdin, the theatre show. It was so much fun and we learned more techniques about voice projection and deliberate movement on stage. 

In the evening we went to the Majestic Theatre to see the live theatre production of Aladdin. It was magical. We sat in the front row of the Dress Circle so could see everything really clearly, and we loved being able to sing the songs.

Day 7: The Magic of Oxford!

Dear Diary,

Today we travelled to Oxford. We stopped at a local farm and picked fresh strawberries and raspberries. We visited Mr and Mrs Blatchford in Oxford for afternoon tea. Mr Blatchford is a very famous educator and he and his wife are so very kind. They gave us ice cream and delicious sandwiches and we played croquet and cricket in their garden. The Oxford Arts Festival was on and we were lucky enough to go to a magic show performed by Kevin Quantum, one of England’s finest magicians. It was so tricky!!

Day 8: Shall we go PUNTING?!

Dear Diary,

Today we visited the prestigious Colleges of Oxford, including Exeter College and New College. Oxford has so many truly beautiful buildings. We could almost feel the history of learning echoing through hallways of old buildings. I would like to study at Oxford one day.

We also tried our hand at a very traditional English sport called Punting, on Oxford's famous Cherwell River. It looks really peaceful, using a pole to push a boat through the water - but it is quite hard!