Each year Dulwich College International offers a handsome sum of money to any teacher or faculty within the Dulwich family of schools who researches, documents and submits a proposal for an educational idea that will advance the experience of learning for students at Dulwich. This prestigious global award is highly coveted and extremely competitive and we are delighted to announce that Dulwich College Puxi’s leader of STEAM in the Junior School, Mrs Leonard has been awarded a Pioneering Spirit Grant for the second time, for her work on enhancing student leadership and encouraging student voices within a school environment. 

Mrs Leonard has proposed an innovative way of capturing students’ ideas and ensuring that these ideas are shared and heard throughout the school community, with her idea called ideaPod – a tech based solution for students to document and receive ideas, and for College teachers and leadership team to review and action suitable ideas. ideaPod is a turquoise glass walk-in pod with a futuristic feel. It has two functions as a digital ear and a digital voice. As a digital ear, anyone in the school community can walk into the ideaPod and drop off an idea, or a problem they have seen in around the school or in the community. The ideaPod is our commitment to encouraging independence space and pick up ideas or problems raised by others as podcasts – Puxi podcasts - the intention here is to allow students to listen, learn, challenge, solve and encourage even more great ideas. The ideaPod is well aligned with the Dulwich Puxi STEAM curriculum in the Junior School as it acts as a portal for problem solving. If you see a change that you want to make, then we will indeed listen and act. 

I would personally like to congratulate Mrs Leonard for her thought leadership, contagious energy and passion for bringing innovation and education excellence to our College. We are very much looking forward to introducing ideaPod to the school, and enjoying the benefits this concept will bring to our students.

This commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship extends to our students as well. Earlier this year three Dulwich Puxi students became the youngest student recipients ever of the Pioneering Spirit Award for their agri-tech robot, “Farmbot” - a robot designed to administer and control farming capabilities remotely.

Getting better never stops.