Happy Children’s Day from Dulwich College Puxi

Happy Children’s Day!

Many of us celebrate today as a special day where we treat our children with small gifts and toys. It is a pause in our busy adult lives to recognise how lucky we are to have the gift of children and the joy they bring to us. The history of Children’s Day began on 1 June over seventy years ago, to mark the International Day for Protection of Children. It is observed in many countries around the world as a day where we can reflect on our responsibilities to our youngest generation.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide international governance and guidance around our responsibilities towards children across the world. And throughout Dulwich’s extensive curriculum - whether our teachers are leading PHSCE wellbeing sessions, or teaching sustainability and equality in geography and topic lessons, our students are becoming well versed in the SDG’s. Many of their learning outcomes target how they as individuals, and as a college community can make a difference in these areas. So today we celebrate our children and recognise their unlimited potential and ability to look at the world with fresh eyes, and discover new ways to make a positive difference.

Happy Children’s Day to you all.