Lights, Cameras and Action, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Congratulations to all of our Junior School students and teachers for their wonderful performances of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang this week. The success of a stage production relies on the support and dedication of people both on and off the stage. We are so proud of our Junior School students and teachers who came together both on stage and behind the scenes to create brilliantly successful theatre shows this week. Without your creativity, collaboration and commitment, there would not have been a show. 

You remembered all your lines, the set designs were incredible, the sound and lighting was inspired - a feast of creativity. 

Thank you to many - Ms. Marsh, Mr. Sellers, Mrs. Zarate, Mrs. Leaver, Ms. Sneath, Ms. Qu, Ms. Fan, Ms Wang, Mr Haslett, Mrs Knox, Ms Permar, Mrs. King, Ms McCaullum and Mr Zarate – a truly significant number of teachers, and many more behind the scenes for all your support of our students. They delighted their audiences this week and we enjoyed watching them shine.