SOLE enhances the STEAM curriculum at Dulwich Puxi

STEAM and technology is ever changing. Global connectivity, smart machines, and new media are just some of the drivers re-shaping how we think about the world and the jobs for the children in our future. 

At Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi we want the children to have their eyes wide open to the future. We want our children to understand the world they are growing up in so they can go into the future technological world able to imagine, create and fathom. The Dulwich STEAM curriculum and our new innovative SOLE lab opens the door to this. Last term, I was very honoured to win a highly-coveted, international education award called the “Pioneering Spirit Grant” - a grant that funded groundbreaking ideas. SOLE is one of those.

SOLE stands for "Self Organised Learning Environment” and is the brainchild of the award winning TED talk speaker Professor Sugata Mitra. In essence, teachers enter the SOLE lab with their students and pose wonderfully rich, open questions such as "What makes us human?" "How do we imagine?" "What is the colour of music?” 

The children then organise themselves within the lab and quickly form their own groups to begin a humming exchange of information, exclamation, thoughts, ideas and conclusions. It is a privilege to see children learning through their fingertips and developing essential future learning, collaborative and creative skills. For this reason, STEAM and SOLE are now integral lessons within our students’ daily learning at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi. 

Come and look at our innovative SOLE lab which is now part of Sugata’s network of Schools in the Cloud, the room certainly has the wow factor, but the real awe and wonder is the learning that takes place in those four walls.  We love this quote from Einstein “You Don’t Have to Know Everything. You Just Have to Know Where to Find It” The SOLE lab will enable our children to truly discover, learn and find our answers themselves, a highly valued and important skill for their future.

Sarah Leonard
Primary Lead for STEAM 
Assistant Head of Primary