Volunteering In Class? We would love that, Mums and Dads!

Parents often tell me that they want to be more involved in their child’s school life but they are not sure how to get involved in meaningful ways, espccially if their time is limited and busy with the many jobs that we as parents do! We loved this parent-led session that took place recently at the College and wanted to share it with our community as an example of how parents might like to get involved in the classroom. 

Last week, we had a wonderful parent-led session in Year 2, when professional designer and DUCKS mummy, Coco came to teach the children how to make beautiful new paper out of old scrap pieces of paper. The session that this mummy led is not a regular occurrence, it was a one-off learning activity that was productive, creative (and slightly messy) for everyone – which made it so much fun!

The children enjoyed learning about the process of paper making. They felt good about recycling their scrap papers, and they learned a new skill that they can now do at home with family and friends.

So if you have an idea, a skill or a talent that you would like to share with a class, as a demonstration, please email your class teacher and Deputy Head of Primary, Mrs Leonard to let us know - we will totally support you!