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Annaliese Burr

Nursery Class Teacher

In 2011 I embarked on my Early Childhood Education journey by beginning my BA/BTeach (ECE) at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. Four years later I finished my degree with a Certificate of Excellence recognising the top achievers of my year. I have worked in two different specialist Early Childhood Centres and am very passionate about the role I have in teaching our young learners of the world, particularly around environmental education. In my previous role I established some really exciting infant and toddler programmes around protecting and caring for our environment.

I believe that when children have the opportunity to learn about the living world around them, they have the opportunity to become curious, respectful, empathetic and creative problem solvers that have a lifetime of lust for learning. My husband and I are very excited to be moving to China and to embrace a whole new country and culture. I feel very privileged and grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside such passionate and respected members of the education profession.

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