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Michelle Jensen

Teacher Librarian

Michelle Jensen has 13 years experience as a Teacher Librarian at various schools across New South Wales, Australia and China. Recently Michelle was appointed Head of Libraries. She has taught STEAM to years 5-9. Michelle continues to imbed STEAM in to her lessons using a purpose built Maker Space. In her last role, Michelle was a teacher librarian for Kindergarten through to Year 12, and delivered library lessons for Early Years and Primary students. Prior to becoming a Librarian, Michelle taught for 4 years as a Visual Art and Media Teacher in High Schools. Michelle literally has a library of expertise at her fingertips – previously serving as the President of the School Library Association of New South Wales in Australia for four years. Michelle is an avid media specialist who studied game theory as a part of her Masters’ thesis and enjoys using this knowledge daily to empower students, teachers and librarians to create dynamic interactive learning experiences. 

Michelle is able to foster a love of reading whilst encouraging students to develop an independent reading routine. She is passionate about reading, information literacy and library this is the focus of her teaching. Michelle has a dynamic teaching style that is enjoyed by all her students.

Michelle has developed a range of STEAM/STEM education kits ready for the classroom. Over the past three years she has been working in Nepal delivering free workshops using her kits. She has also donated equipment to a variety of organisations in Nepal. Currently she is supporting STEAM Innovation hub a collaboration with an organisation called Innovake. STEAM Innovation hub develops workshops for schools and delivers them at the lowest possible price. All workshops are delivered by qualified engineers unable to get work in Nepal.

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