Michelle Jensen photo

Michelle Jensen

Librarian, Computing Teacher, STEAM Teacher

Michelle Jensen has 7 years experience as a Teacher Librarian at various schools across New South Wales, Australia. In her last role, Michelle was a teacher librarian for Kindergarten through to Year 12, and delivered library lessons for Early Years and Primary students. Prior to becoming a Librarian, Michelle taught for 4 years as a Visual Art and Media Teacher in High Schools. Michelle literally has a library of expertise at her fingertips,€“ previously serving as the President of the School Library Association of New South Wales in Australia.  Michelle is an avid media specialist who studied game theory as a part of her Masters’ thesis and enjoys using this knowledge daily to empower students, teachers and librarians to create dynamic interactive learning experiences. Michelle is able to foster a love of reading whilst encouraging students to develop an independent reading routine. She is passionate about reading, information literacy and library this is the focus of her teaching. Michelle has a dynamic teaching style that is enjoyed by all her students.

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