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Academic Framework

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DUCKS (ages 2 to 7)

DUCKS includes Toddler to Year 2 (ages 2 to 7) and provides and purposeful introduction to learning. Children learn communication, listening, problem solving and perseverance.
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Junior School (ages 7 to 11)

Junior School goes from Year 3 to 6 (ages 8 to 11). We provide a balanced academic challenge that enables students to realise their unique potential in a supportive environment.
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Senior School (ages 11 to 14)

Senior School includes Year 7 and 8, and will expand to include higher year levels each year.
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Celebrating our passion for reading

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ISCMS Music Festival 2018

Events & Calendar

  • 26-02
    Feb-Mar 2018
    Book Week
  • 02-04
    Mar 2018
    Environment Conference
  • 05-07
    Mar 2018
    School photos
  • 15
    Mar 2018
    Visiting artist, Aaron Blaise
  • 17
    Mar 2018
    Founders Day
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DUCKS Open Morning
Please come along to one of our Kindergarten DUCKS Open Mornings to meet the Head of School and take a tailored tour of the campus. The Open Morning sessions will last approximately two hours.
We take great pride in our students’ academic achievements. Carrying on from the tradition of academic excellence at Dulwich College in London, all the Dulwich College International schools report academic results which position them as some of the best performing schools locally and internationally
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi has a comprehensive air quality management policy. We monitor the local air quality index and use these readings to inform decisions concerning outdoor activities for students.
Dulwich students have the advantage of not only receiving personalised service from their campus counsellors but also benefit from the support that comes from having 20 experienced counsellors with diverse backgrounds sharing ideas and best practices throughout the Dulwich network of schools