Celebrating Alumni Success: An Exemplary Path from DCSPX to Top World University

From the nurturing grounds of Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi to the prestigious halls of the National University of Singapore, Yap S's academic journey is nothing short of inspirational. Achieving an exceptional International Baccalaureate score of 44—a rare global accomplishment—he is now poised to make his mark at one of the top ten universities in the world. His story is a vivid illustration of how DCSPX not only prepares students academically but also shapes them into well-rounded individuals ready to excel on the global stage.


Dulwich Experiences: A Family of Lifelong Learners

Longing for a more balanced and academically rigorous curriculum, Yap S's transition to DCSPX marked a significant turning point in his educational journey. Here, he discovered not just an educational institution but a nurturing community committed to recognising and fostering individual potential. This shift led him to engage more deeply in subjects and embrace a holistic learning approach.

The learning atmosphere at DCSPX, marked by unity, allowed students and teachers to foster closer relationships. Yap S found camaraderie with his teachers, benefitting from their approachability, readiness to address queries, and support for additional study. This nurturing environment ensured personalised attention, helping each student, including Yap S, to thrive.

Contrary to common perceptions, Yap S found the IB programme challenging yet manageable, thanks largely to significant support from his teachers. "I never felt the need for external tutoring, thanks to the incredible support I received at DCSPX," Yap S shared. "Our teachers, many from prestigious universities, are committed to continuous learning, creating a dynamic educational environment."


A Holistic Development: Academic Rigor and Significant Projects 

Yap S's intellectual growth at DCSPX, highlighted by his stellar IB score, was not solely about achieving high grades but also about developing a genuine interest in learning and collaboration.

The close-knit class environment nurtured relationships and a shared commitment to academic excellence. Yap S witnessed how the dedication of his peers inspired even those initially less enthusiastic, fostering a collective pursuit of academic success. His engagement in meaningful projects also illustrates the practical application of his learning and the development of leadership and teamwork skills.

The rocket experiment, part of his IB coursework, involved launching water rockets and studying their operation principles. This project, chosen out of personal interest, provided an exciting opportunity for Yap S to apply physics concepts in a practical setting. He appreciated the support from his physics teacher, who assisted not only with the experimental aspects but also with planning, research, and essay writing skills. This collaborative effort was a crucial element of Yap S's positive experience and learning in the IB programme.

Another notable project Yap S participated in was the rainwater collection initiative. This project involved collecting rainwater on the school's roof to water the gardens and contribute to the school community. Yap S, alongside his classmates, planned and implemented this project, engaging in material selection, communication with different school departments, and ultimately automating the system with the help of a professional. Although there were challenges, the project functioned effectively for a semester, exemplifying practical environmental stewardship and teamwork.

Yap S's journey through the IB programme at DCSPX is a testament to how an academically challenging curriculum, combined with supportive teachers and a collaborative student community, can lead to outstanding achievements and personal growth.


University and Future Aspirations

Yap S's academic achievements at DCSPX have led to his acceptance into the computer science programme at the National University of Singapore. His interest in computing, stemming from a fascination with technology and programming, was nurtured at DCSPX. He even co-created a programming course with a friend, comprising several lessons, and made it available on the school's server for others to learn from, showcasing his initiative and expertise.

The university counsellors at DCSPX provided invaluable assistance in the university application process, particularly in crafting an effective personal statement. They guided Yap S in how to respond to application questions, offered feedback on his drafts, and advised him on various aspects to consider while choosing a university, such as location, cultural environment, academic setting, and future job prospects. This comprehensive support helped Yap S make a well-informed decision about his higher education path.

At DCSPX, Yap S's participation in sports and extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, and volleyball significantly contributed to his overall growth. His involvement in the Dulwich Olympiad, a global event uniting Dulwich schools, provided him with valuable experiences in sports, cultural exchanges, and exposure to new environments.

Reflecting on his transformative years at DCSPX, Yap S remarks, "My seven years at DCSPX have shaped me into a more independent and self-reliant individual, equipping me with vital skills like time management and self-directed learning."

We believe these experiences at DCSPX, a balanced education combining rigorous academic work with a rich extracurricular life, have thoroughly prepared Yap S for the challenges and opportunities that await him at the National University of Singapore and beyond.