Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi: Tes Awards for International Schools Shortlisted

Celebrating remarkable achievements, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi proudly earns nominations in two prestigious categories in the Tes Awards for International Schools 2024.


Our outstanding founding Head of College, David Ingram, is recognized with a well-deserved nomination for Principal/Headteacher of the Year, highlighting his transformative leadership.

David Ingram
I'm deeply moved by this nomination. Achievements in schools are a collective effort, and individual accolades reflect the strength of our team. It is the community and values within our college community that truly make us special.
- David Ingram, Head of College

Additionally, our College secures a spot in the Best Use of Technology category, a testament to the innovative integration of educational technology across the curriculum, led by Amelia King, Director of EdTech, and our talented team of teachers.

Amelia King
Being recognized in the Best Use of Technology category is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi. This nomination validates our commitment to fostering innovation in education through the seamless integration of technology across our curriculum. It's a proud moment for our school, and I'm thrilled to witness the positive impact of our collective endeavors in enhancing the learning experience for our students.
- Amelia King, Director of EdTech

These nominations and recognition underscore our commitment to our students and pioneering innovation at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi. Let it be a reminder of the remarkable people within our Dulwich community. It's not just about accolades but the shared commitment to excellence and positive relationships that define our College.

About the Tes Awards for International Schools

In its inaugural year, the Tes Awards for International Schools emerge following the success of the UK Schools Awards for over fifteen years. These awards spotlight the exceptional dedication, quality, and innovation exhibited by teachers and support staff globally.

Tes welcomes nominations from teachers and teams in international schools offering the British Curriculum or IB programmes outside the UK. The awards illuminate how international school environments positively influence the personal and academic success of students and the broader community.

Insightful Recognition

The shortlist not only applauds individual and collective achievements but also stands as a testament to the outstanding contributions of international schools delivering the British Curriculum or International Baccalaureate worldwide. It showcases the pinnacle of achievement within our sector.