Dulwich Puxi Excels at FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival

Last week, our Year 5 and 6 students participated in the FOBISIA Primary Literacy & Numeracy Festival 2022. The festival, which took place over the course of a week, involved students from British international schools across Asia; a cross-section of some of the top international schools in the world.

DCSPX FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival

We are proud to announce that Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi came 1st in China, and 16th overall in Asia. In addition to this, our students individually achieved remarkable scores; a testament to the strong foundations in literacy and numeracy we build in the College, and a credit to the hard work of the students and their teachers.

DCSPX FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi is proud to be a member of FOBISIA, the Federation of British International Schools in Asia. Membership in FOBISIA brings our students and staff access to a wide range of opportunities, such as this Literacy and Numeracy Festival.



FOBISIA is the premier Federation supporting and promoting high-quality British education in Asia.  With more than 30 years of shared history, the FOBISIA family is a diverse and inclusive community of Member Schools spanning 19 countries across Asia, including Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


DCSPX FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival

With 1,479 students competing, and 1,403,871 questions answered, the competition was fierce. Our students held their own though, with students placing in the top 100 overall, and achieving the following individual results;



Elite: 4
Emerald: 2
Gold: 2
Credit: 9



Tony Pickhaver / Deputy Head of Primary

'I was thrilled to see how our students applied themselves and what they achieved in this competition against other leading international schools. It is testament to the hard work and dedication of both our students and our teaching staff.'

DCSPX FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival


George / Year 6

'Persistence is victory only if you never give up. I had to practise several times to get points. It was complicated.'


Daniel / Year 6

'This was a very hard and challenging competition. However, it was very helpful for our learning.'


Jason / Year 6

'We are really proud to win the 1st in China. It was fun, however helped a lot with our work. THANKYOU, it has been inspirational.'


DCSPX FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival


Rain / Year 5

'I really enjoyed the fraction activities as we are currently learning fractions in class so I could practice even more.'


Jessica / Year 5

'I really liked the FOBISIA event last week. I managed to achieve a silver award and if we do it again next year, I am going to challenge myself to get gold.'


Jared / Year 5

'I like how we were able to compete against people all over the world. I achieved a silver award this time but next year I am going to try to achieve a higher award!'


DCSPX FOBISIA Literacy and Numeracy Festival


At Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, in addition to providing a broad, holistic education, we understand that academic rigour is paramount to student success. Our students aim high and set themselves lofty ambitions, then commit themselves to working hard to achieve their goals. We are proud to see our students standing confidently on the world-stage, participating in global competitions that demonstrate their ability and commitment to success.