Junior School Residential 2023

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi provides a wide range of trips for the purpose of educational enrichment. These trips are well considered and well planned to ensure each opportunity widens our students’ experiences and inspires aspirations, effort and achievement within local and international settings. This year we were delighted to partner with Insight Education, a leading outdoor education provider across China and Asia.

On Tuesday 10 October Year 6 departed Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi campus for their Junior School Residential trip to Nanbeihu. The following day they were joined by Years 4 and 5. The Year 4 and 5 trip focused on survival skills and teamwork while the Year 6 residential concentrated on leadership and resilience.

DCSPX Junior School Residential

Years 4 and 5 - Survival Skills and Teamwork

The two year groups set out for Nanbeihu together on Wednesday 11 October. Over the three days they took part in a series of wilderness survival workshops which tested their resourcefulness and ability to work as part of a team. Fire lighting, shelter building and water purification were all included in this section of the residential program. Later, students took to the water and developed their kayaking skills through a series of challenges as they adeptly maneuvered themselves around the lake. The Gaga Ball, Olympic Games and Egg Drop challenge encouraged pupils to utilize their collaboration and communication skills in order to be successful. Additionally, scavenger hunt and SOS signal technology activities allowed students the opportunity to develop their navigation and orienteering skills. The range and number of different exercises ensured that all students were engaged and stimulated throughout the trip.

DCSPX Junior School Residential

Year 6 - Leadership and Resilience

On the first day in Nanbeihu students began by taking part in a series of icebreaking games. After lunch pupils tested their courage and strength in rock climbing and Leap of Faith ascents. It was wonderful to see the students challenging themselves and hear how they had improved on their performances from Year 5 despite the more difficult courses. Students then spent time assembling their tents before a night walk challenge where they needed to work together to orienteer around a course despite being blindfolded. On Wednesday students competed in archery tag and F1 race car building which provided ample opportunity to showcase their collaboration and communication skills. Thursday saw our students take to the water after planning, designing and building a raft which would be able to float on the lake. The evening finished with a celebration barbeque where medals were awarded for creativity, collaboration, leadership and resilience. It was wonderful to see so many different students nominated for the awards by various members of staff. On Friday morning our young learners embarked on their final challenge, a 2 hour hike up to a beautiful vantage point where we could look across at the mountain landscapes and the lake below.

DCSPX Junior School Residential
DCSPX Junior School Residential

Year 6 Awards

To celebrate Insights 25th Anniversary 8 medals were awarded to acknowledge the successes of our students. Over the course of the trip activity leaders and Dulwich staff selected participants due of their high levels of collaboration, creativity, leadership and resilience. Congratulations to these students on their awards.



Julia Z
Jacky L



Maia W
William W



Katherine G
Serena W



Tilda S
Serena Q


Throughout the day-to-day logistics of the trips and the varied activity program students had opportunities to develop their team worker and self-management Learn to Learn skills. Time was also afforded for pupils to reflect on their personal development, achievements, and participation in the tasks. Valuable learning experiences were plentiful throughout the week, and we are very much looking forward to our future outdoor learning endeavours.