The Dulwich Difference - It’s the Teachers That Make It

Christine Haslett

Deputy Head of College

Head of Primary School

What do you look for in a high-quality school? Is it the curriculum and academic results? Is it the beautiful facilities? Or how about the small class sizes? It can be hard for parents to actually know what it is that can unlock or ignite a successful learning career for their child. Homework? Or no homework? 1:1 iPads, or experiential learning? I once visited a school where the children didn't wear uniforms or shoes, and they called the teachers by their first names. It was lovely – but did it have an impact on learning?

Professor John Hattie is an educational researcher who has conducted extensive research on the effects of various influences on student achievement. In his groundbreaking study 'Visible Learning', he ranked 138 influences related to learning outcomes, from very positive to very negative. These influences include factors such as feedback, homework, and teacher-student relationships. His research concluded that, by far, the most positive impact on students' learning outcomes was teachers. He describes this through the concept of Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE). In other words, when teachers collectively believe in their ability to positively influence students' learning, it leads to substantial improvements in academic success. Additionally, Hattie's work highlights that over 95% of the strategies and practices implemented by teachers to enhance student achievement in the classroom are effective. This underscores the importance of teachers' actions and approaches in fostering student success.


To further explore what distinguishes Dulwich College Puxi within the educational landscape, we're thrilled to announce a series of articles spotlighting the unique educational methods and the collective teacher efficacy the teachers employ. These narratives from six of our esteemed educators will unfold over the coming weeks, with each story contributing to the holistic educational tapestry that prepares our students for life's diverse challenges and opportunities.

Ellah Pabito

Global Citizenship Lead

Ms Pabito delves into the importance of "Global Citizenship" within our curriculum. She will articulate how this concept weaves academic excellence with a profound sense of global stewardship, nurturing students who are not only well-informed and adept but also compassionate and committed to making a positive impact on the world.


Aisling MacSweeney

Senior School Physics and General Science Teacher

Ms MacSweeney shares her insights on the dynamic approaches to teaching Physics. She will reveal why our approaches resonate so deeply with our students and highlight the additional, beyond-the-curriculum opportunities that Dulwich College Puxi offers.


Gemma Stanton

Deputy Head of Primary (DUCKS)

Mrs Stanton highlights the Curiosity Approach in early years and how integral it is to our ethos. As the first school in China to achieve this accreditation, she explains how this approach fosters natural inquisitiveness, promoting exploration and profound collaborative thinking among our youngest learners.


Amy Uffindall

Head of English

Mrs Uffindall discusses the importance of oracy in Senior School. She will outline how our focus on discussion, instruction, and dialogue contributes to developing articulate and reflective students capable of expressing themselves confidently and thoughtfully.


Elizabeth Ennis

Deputy Head of Primary (Junior School)

Mrs Ennis shares her perspective on our mathematical education strategies. Her insights will illuminate how our approaches encourage students to not only understand but also challenge them to achieve their best in the vast and exciting world of numbers.


David Brown

IB Coordinator

Mr Brown provides insights into AI in education and how faculty cultivate inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who are equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


Stay tuned as we unfold the "Dulwich Difference" through the voices of those at the heart of our educational community. These upcoming articles promise to showcase our 'Visible Learning' and how it directly affects student achievement and outcomes. Dulwich College Puxi cultivates an environment where best-practice teaching is integral to the academic success and overall development of our students.