Swimming at Dulwich Puxi


Throughout the year all students receive one swimming lesson per week as part of the curriculum. These lessons follow the college Swimming Programme, and are designed to progress students' ability from beginner level through to a competitive performance level.

I can....

Enter the water safely using the ladders or a sliding entry.

Scoop and wash my face with water.

Blow bubbles with my nose & mouth in the water. 

With my legs in the water, perform a kicking action - on my front and my back.

Demonstrate the rocket position, standing and sitting. 

Enjoy pool games and water activities. 

I can...

Demonstrate a 6 meter Spiderman wall walk.

Demonstrate a standing entry and return, unassisted in 0.9m of water.

Put my face in the water and blow bubbles. 

Hold my floating position using aids. 

Push & glide on my back, and on my front, using aids. 

Perform a 5m Flutter Kick keeping my head up, using aids. 

Demonstrate doggy paddle, using aids. 

I can...

Fully submerge and pick up a sinking toy.

Sink, push and glide (kicking) on my back and on my front up to 10m, using aids.

Demonstrate a floating star, T and Y position. 

Demonstrate rainbow arms, using aids. 

Do a 10 second static kick, holding the wall, face-down. 

Perform a 5m fish kick on my front. 

I can...

Kick 12m with consistent rhythm on my back, and on my front.

Perform a star float, into a mushroom float, back into a star position. 

Scull 5 meters on my back and on my front.

Breaststroke kick on my back and on my front for 10 meters.

Kick 12 meters, with a single arm lead, side breathing, using aids.

I can...

Tread water for 30 seconds.

Swim 12m Freestyle with consistent kick & controlled arms.

12m streamlined Backstroke kick.

12m Breaststroke kick with sculling arms.

12m single arm Backstroke, with aid.

Perform a mushroom float and sinking mushroom, breathing out through my nose. 

Scull head first, then feet first for 10m.

Demonstrate single arm Backstroke on dry land.

I can...

Tread water for 60 seconds.

Swim 25m Freestyle Kick, 25m Backstroke Kick. 

12m Breaststroke with correct breathing. 

Perform a 2m surface dive & pick up a sinking toy from the bottom.

Demonstrate 7.5m of fly pull and kick.

Demonstrate a pool-side seated, kneeling dive and streamline 

I can...

Swim 50m Freestyle kick.

25m breaststroke with correct kick, pull and breathing timings.

25m Backstroke with consistent kick. 

Demonstrate 12.5m of Fly pull and kick with breathing.

Demonstrate exit, rotation and approach on Freestyle tumble turn. 

Demonstrate a standing dive from pool-side.

25m Scull, 10 second float & forward tumble turn.

Demonstrate a Breaststroke pull-out from Push+Glid

I can...

Swim 50m Freestyle and 50m Breaststoke with tumble turns and pull-outs.

Demonstrate exit, rotation and approach on Backstroke tumble turn. 

Demonstrate Butterfly and Breaststroke competition turns. 

30 second Egg-Beater kick. 

Demonstrate a bulk head dive with 5m Fish Kick, underwater. 

25m Water Polo Drill. 

I can...

Swim both 100m Freestyle and 100m Breaststroke with turns and pull-outs. 

50m Backstroke. 

Demonstrate a competition dive from the starting block. 

Demonstrate a block dive with 10m Fish Kick, underwater. 

25m Mid-scull + kick. 

20 second Vertical Fish Kick. 

I can...

Competitively swim 100m each of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breastroke. 

With our triple gymnasium and an all-grass football pitch, our students have the opportunity to participate in many different sports. These include football, dodgeball, badminton, basketball, floorball, netball and even our own mini-Olympics.