Yet another Dulwich tradition took place this week during our annual Speech Day, when Dulwich’s Head Student, Curtis and Deputy Head Student, Zoe both presented their views of the 2019-2020 academic year to the wider Dulwich community.


Dear students, teachers, parents, and the wider Dulwich College Puxi community,

It is with great pride and thankfulness that I stand before you all today, to share my account of the year that we have experienced together as a community.

If I am to describe and theme this year, I would call it the year that we broke barriers. It has been as exciting as it has unusual.

We have significantly explored life outside – against the stark contrast of life indoors. From the jungles of Thailand, the tea fields of Fujian, the fields of Chongming Island and the Lakes of QianDaoHu…to our living rooms, our bedrooms, our kitchens and our studies.

We have learnt to embrace and adapt all kinds of environments. And through it all we have stuck together. We have helped each other. I look around this grand theatre today and I see you all positive looking back at me. Despite social distancing and online learning, we have learnt to support each other in new ways and make close connections despite the physical distance.

This year, I learnt how to be self organised and independent. I became more ambitious and driven to achieve despite the challenges of Covid-19. But most importantly, I learnt the importance for us all to be kind and respectful to each other.

I am pleased that we can all be back at school together again. And I am glad that before we all leave for our summer breaks, we have started to make a difference by joining in partnership with United World Schools to support a school in Cambodia, who needs our help to get better resources and access to quality education. Dulwich Puxi is a school where students help others and I am so proud to have had the opportunity to be your Head Student.

Aim High and Work Hard
Be Kind and Respectful
Make a Difference.

Get a good rest, and I look forward to seeing you all back at school, full of energy and ready to rise next academic year.

I wish you all a good summer.
Go Mustangs!