A Croaky Chorus: A Heart Melting Reception Production

The performing arts are in the Dulwich DNA. Built on the 400-year heritage started by founder Edward Alleyn, who is considered one of the greatest actors of Shakespeare’s time, life on the stage comes naturally to Dulwich students, and this starts at an early age. Last week, the College community were thrilled to watch the Reception production of ‘Croak!’, a lovely story of a tadpole called Speedy. Speedy was sad because she couldn’t sing along with her froggy friends. However, one day strange things began to happen to her as she started to turn into a frog! With the help of her pond and garden friends, Speedy learnt a few valuable lessons along the way.

The production of was a great success, and audience member’s hearts were melted by the fantastic performances from the students.


The children spent many weeks learning their lines, routines and songs and they put a huge effort into making sure their performance was fantastic. It has been a pleasure to see the children thrive and really show how hard working and special they are.

The children performed to the other Early Years classes, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and on Thursday a livestream of the production took place so that parents could enjoy it too. The audiences loved it and the children should be extremely proud of themselves.  Well done, Reception!