News Update: Admissions for HK Students To Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi. Effective from 15 November 2019.

In light of recent events and subsequent school closures in HK, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi has modified the admissions process for students applying from HK. Students applying from within HK do not need to travel to Shanghai to attend a formal interview at the College with the Director of Admissions and Head of School. All interviews will be conducted via skype/wechat. For students in Junior and Senior years, all standard academic testing will be coordinated with parents and guardians to be completed within the students’ home environment.

Please note, the admissions criteria to Dulwich is unchanged. Applying students will be expected to meet the academic standards for enrolment to the College, and all students must comply with Shanghai Education Bureau requirements for admission to an international school in Shanghai. Click here for details.