Art Masterclass

Australian artist, Jared Williamson recently hosted an Art Masterclass at Dulwich Minhang.

Jared follows a unique process for developing his artworks. The paint that he uses comes directly from the environment around him. He grinds rocks, stones, bricks and tiles into powders and small particles which create the colours that appear in his paintings.

During the masterclass, Jared showed examples of his works that have been exhibited in galleries around China and Australia. He then took students through the process of making their own paint and using this to create their artwork. The group went for a walk in our surrounding gardens, to find their own materials to use for paint, and the paint-making process began.

Jared spoke to the students about finding forms in their paintings and related these to one of his favourite Spanish artists, Joan Miro. He explained how Miro found inspiration from artistic accidents and used these to help his painted compositions.

The masterclass ended with a fruitful group discussion and many of the class attendees expressed interest in continuing the creative process, making paints from things they found in their own gardens at home.