Celebrating Healthy Bodies And Healthy Minds!

'Exercise is king, nutrition is queen. Put them together and you have a kingdom!'

Healthy eating and exercising regularly is integral to ensuring a healthy lifestyle. This week the theme across Dulwich Shanghai Puxi College has been to encourage our students to eat a balanced healthy diet and to understand the benefits that regular physical exercise has on us both physically and mentally. 

Our students have participated in the fantastic "Wake Up, Shake Up" mornings to get active, they have made healthy shakes and skewers with our wonderful Friends of Dulwich, eaten fruits from the Healthy Eating Trolley at breaktime and participated in a Healthy Snacks House Competition throughout the week. 

Our senior students have learned about basal metabolic rate and showcased their performance of ‘Thriller’ this morning is assembly, emphasising the fun that can be had with physical activity. Today’s assembly focussed on sugar and I hope that our students have gained a good understanding of how much damage too much sugar can have on our bodies. 

It is fantastic to hear that parents are continuing with the theme of healthy eating at home, and we would like to thank our Friends of Dulwich, who have played an integral part in making the week a huge success. We can all play a major part in ensuring our children stay healthy and reap the benefits of having a healthy mind and body as they grow and mature into young adults.