Celebrating Performing Arts

This week, a group of Dulwich Puxi Year 5 and Year 6 students have journeyed to Dulwich College Beijing to participate in the annual MADD Festival. This is a 3 day curriculum initiative where students choose between: Music (Orchestra, Choir, Rock Band)Art, Drama, Dance or Film and together with other Dulwich international students from across our family of colleges, they spend 3 days creating and collaborating with top international practitioners across those performing arts disciplines.

MADD Music students work with talented conductors to showcase amazing music and they play together in an orchestra made up of students from across Dulwich schools. 

MADD Rockband accommodates a range of instruments from the standard band set up of drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar and vocals to brass, woodwind and strings. Students work with musicians and teachers to develop their own music and style. 

MADD Artists get the chance to create some truly magical pieces and submit a variety of different works to support the stage and costume designs for the Festival’s Gala Finale. 

MADD Dancers get to experience the power of dance! They work with amazing specialist dance teachers to really develop and progress physical movement, artistic postures and rhythmic beats – all of which are combined into a captivating performance. 

MADD Dramatists work with specialist drama tutors and prepare for a drama performance in the Festival’s Gala Finale.

MADD film makers learn hands on techniques for creating and editing movies. They will develop documentaries of the MADD festival. 

After 3 days of intensive and FUN training in their fields of expertise, all students come together to perform in a spectacular Finale event which showcases all their efforts of music and creativity. It's MADD!