Changes To Admissions At Dulwich Puxi During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, Dulwich College Puxi has changed our Admissions process to accommodate families who are currently quarantined at home.

Until the College can reopen, all family interviews and student assessments are being conducted online using WeChat video call so that students and families can complete the process from the comfort and safety of their home.

The new Admissions process is extremely simple:

  1. Complete the Application Form online.
  2. Connect and meet our Admissions team on Wechat.
  3. Student interviews are 30 minutes together with parents.
  4. Interviews are conducted in English and Chinese.

      Email us at    Find us on WeChat: DulwichPuxi      

So far, we have completed the admission process and enrolment for many Kindergarten and Primary School students, from the comfort of their home. The feedback has been very positive so far:

“Dulwich Admissions team was extremely professional in our family interview and they made my son feel very confident during the process.”

“Even though Covid-19 stops us going outside, we can still secure our family’s future plan for schooling. It is a great relief.”

“It is fantastic that Dulwich team can adapt their process to help families during this time.”