Food to me is always about cooking and eating with those you love and care for. 

We were delighted to host the official opening of our teaching kitchen this week. It was a delicious occasion and I enjoyed the opportunity to cook two of my favorite recipes, pesto salmon and steamed pudding for class parent representatives and FOD leaders to enjoy. Shanghai's most loved expat chef, Mr Craig Willis (Mr Willis, Bang, Henkes, Pelikan and the Wagas group restaurants) officially opened the kitchen and then cooked delicious carrot cakes with Year 4 students. Mr Willis spoke to the group about food being at the heart of community and friendship. He also shared his own creative journey with food, and how we should “never give up on a dream - don't be afraid to make that phone call, to introduce yourself, to ask for an opportunity in life.” Fortune favours the bold! 

Our sincere thanks for Mr Willis for his time and care with our students. Also, a special thank you to Epermarket, Shanghai's online grocer who provided delicious event catering, and will be our ingredients partner for all future student cooking lessons, moving forward.

All students in the Junior and Senior school will use the teaching kitchen on a regular basis, learning to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for themselves, as well as cleaning up and keeping workspaces safe and tidy. These are valuable life skills that our students will need when they eventually leave home to attend top universities around the world. Two minute noodles will not be nutritious enough for the healthy and capable chefs-in-training at Dulwich College Puxi!