DUCKS Welcomes The Fire Department

This week, at the request of our Early Years children, we received a spectacular visit from members of the local fire fighting department, who serve Shanghai’s emergency services. In support of our Early Years education around fire-safety, the fire fighters met with the children, introducing what they did to help people, and the equipment used in the event of a fire. As you can imagine, students were enthralled by our visitors and had many questions. The firemen took time to answer all of them.

The children had a wonderful experience meeting the firemen and seeing their big red fire truck with all its lights, and loud siren!

What the children learnt:

  • Fire is hot, fast and dangerous
  • The importance of shouting "Fire, fire, fire" to alert others when there is a fire
  • In a fire, get out and stay out!
  • Give matches and lighters to an adult
  • What firefighters do

Christine Haslett
Deputy Head of College and Head of Primary