Dulwich College Puxi: Learning in the Senior School

In recent weeks, our Senior School students have been exploring the IB Learner Profile Attribute: “Reflective”. 

Each month we focus on a different attribute where we craft and shape our learning skills just like athletes would train in the pool or at the track to improve their performance. We train in the classroom to become better, and more aware of our learning skills. It’s a level of detail that we believe is a Dulwich difference.

Here are some subject specific examples of how we crafted our reflective skills this month:


The learning goal: How can we make cities more sustainable?

Year 7 students had to research and write about how they would make future cities more sustainable. They then had to present their chosen Green Energy Strategy to their peers, practicing their public speaking techniques. A lot of students said that using more renewable energy (solar panels and wind turbines) is the best way to make cities more sustainable and ecofriendly. This is because the current use of fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas produce pollution that harms the environment. By using more renewable energy like solar power, we will reduce the amount of pollution that we create. This is more sustainable for the environment.

All of the presentations were excellent and students had worked both independently and cooperatively to achieve their aims. All of the students in Year 7 demonstrated that they are reflective IB learners, as they were able to reflect on times when they have not been as eco conscious as they should have been, but are now able to understand and build upon a more eco-friendly sustainable future.  


The learning goal: Setting our benchmarks

This month Year 9 students have been using IGCSE mark schemes to reflect on their work. They have engaged in both self and peer assessment. Marking their own work using IGCSE marks schemes has allowed them to consider the quality of their work and to set themselves clear goals. They have shown they can reflect independently and accurately without teacher intervention. 


The learning goal: Refining creative materials for better outcomes

Year 7 students have been reflecting on their project: ‘Visual Fundamentals’ and have practiced the process of reviewing their ideas to better suit the outcome they desire. Students have adapted their approaches and materials for their sculptures to get better results. 

“I am pleased with my final piece because I spent time thinking about how to create these interesting shapes before I actually got started.” (Mia, Y7)

When we return in the new year, we will begin crafting our abilities to suit the “Balanced” IB Learner Profile Attribute. This learner profile looks specifically at ensuring that students understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal wellbeing for themselves and others.