Dulwich Global Citizenship

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi will be hosting our 4th annual Dulwich College International Eco Explorer Camp. Originally created by Team Puxi in 2017, this event has grown each year and is a highlight on the calendars of our fellow Dulwich international campuses. As a family of schools, Dulwich Puxi will welcome over 300 students from Dulwich Colleges Pudong, Suzhou, Beijing, as well as our sister Chinese International schools, Dehong Beijing and Dehong Xian. Students from all 5 campuses will come together with our students in their exploration of the insect world, and, saving insects. I am excited for our students to have the opportunity to connect virtually with other Dulwich students from around the world. The international Eco Explorer Camp is a forum inspired by relentless curiosity of the world around us, and a passion to sustain its health and wellbeing. And there will be lots of fun activities to enjoy - I hope your child enjoys camping out on Friday night. 

The annual Eco Explorer Camp is a Dulwich Difference. Constantly throughout the calendar, we look to provide holistic curriculum opportunities for your child to develop their essential life skills; those skills they need to graduate world wise. These are opportunities that you won’t find at other schools. The Dulwich Eco Camp promotes Global Citizenship by giving students the opportunity to be relentlessly curious about the world around them. At Dulwich College Puxi, we want our students to be aware of, and understand the wider world - and their place in it. To give them opportunities to take an active role in their community, and work with others to make our planet more equal, fair and sustainable. Global citizenship encourages students to develop knowledge, skills and values to engage with the world. And most importantly, we want our students to feel empowered that they can make a positive difference.