Dulwich Puxi Celebrates Outstanding Students

Speech Day is a long standing Dulwich tradition which takes place at the end of every academic year. It is a formal award ceremony attended by all Dulwich College Puxi staff and students, and provides the opportunity to recognise those students who have made outstanding achievements in all areas of College life; from academics, sports and music to service, student leadership and overall contribution to the College community.

Awards are given to selected DUCKS, Junior and Senior School students in the following award categories:

Dulwich Endeavour Awards

Dulwich Endeavour Awards are awarded to one student per class. Winners of this prestigious award consistently and openly demonstrate a positive work ethic. They aim high and embrace our school values both inside and outside of the classroom. These students makes a huge effort in their class work, and contribute positively to their class environment. These students are not afraid to make mistakes, and try again. As winners of the Endeavour Award, these students show perseverance and determination and face challenge bravely. These students are incredibly organised, demonstrating comprehensive learning plans and always seeking to clarify and understand their learning challenges. 

Gilbert, Year 3
Delon, Year 3
Zoey Y3
Panagiotis Y4
Eason Y4
Emma Y5
Jenny C Y6 
Bella Y6

Sports Person of the Year

Winners of the Sports Person of the Year are students who demonstrate the most terrific attitude in their sporting endeavours. They are highly motivated to achieve and actively look for ways to improve their skills. They are natural coaches in a team environment, always supporting their team mates to get the best result. These students are true Mustangs. They play and compete in sports with pride, passion, desire and belief. 

Junior School: Carson W 
Senior School: William J

Musician of the Year

Our Musicians of the Year are students who are dedicated and committed to their own endeavours of music mastery. They are active contributors to the College orchestras and choirs. They have made outstanding progress in their musicianship this year, embracing opportunities for live performance on and off the stage.

Junior School: Jasleen Y
Senior School: Elia C

The McDouall Award

The McDouall Award is an extremely important one. It is not linked to academic capability but rather it recognises outstanding students who embody our College values at every opportunity. 

Aim High, Work Hard, Be Kind and Respectful. Make a Difference.

These students are role models to others; they live and breathe our college values across all areas of the school. They displays endless kindness. They are strong and empathetic individuals who make a difference by helping others to overcome their own adversity. These students contribute positively to the College community. These students are natural leaders who champion positive changes with authentic voices. They intrinsically understand what is required to be a good leader.

Junior School: William K
Senior School: Vaishu

The Ma Da Dong Award

The Ma Da Dong Award is awarded to the Senior School student who demonstrates their ability to make a positive difference by serving or supporting others, and the environment. This award is given to students who champion change for good and often have prepared business plans or led student activities which promote change and a positive difference.  

Senior School: Regina

The Carver Award

The Carver Award is awarded to students who embrace the Dulwich curriculum with passion and vigour. They display a faultless attitude of excellence towards all their work. These students are academically successful due to pure hard work and commitment. Behind the scenes these students are extremely ambitious, putting huge amounts of effort into their academic performance. They are known for their organised approach to learning and their thirst for knowledge.

Junior School: Carolyn C
Senior School: Yap S

Congratulations to all our students in 2019-2020 who led from the front, and positively contributed to student life in the College. We are so proud of you all.