Dulwich Puxi: Full STEAM Ahead

Dulwich Puxi STEAM week has been a huge success across the Junior School with Year 1 - Year 6 students engaged in all elements of science, tech, engineering, art and maths to produce a final functional product. On Monday, each year group was briefed on a particular design project:

Year 1 designed their own mode of transport which had to attach to an adult bike, the wheels had to move, and it had to have WOW factor. 

Year 2 designed water towers that could be used to water plants by re-using rain water. Their water towers had to catch and store rain water effectively, water the plants intermittently, stand up by itself, and be taller than a large water bottle. 

Year 3 designed eco-friendly bridges to cross the new waterways in Maqiao. The brief was for their bridges to be strong, durable and balanced.  

Year 4 designed wind-powered vehicles. They had to consider the placement of the car’s axle and the size of the wheels in order for them to roll.

Year 5 and Year 6 designed wind powered turbines to lift weights. 

Everyone worked in teams to design, test and refine. In addition to the engineering elements of their tasks, these projects also involved a lot of public speaking: students were required to explain their ideas clearly, listen to others and respond appropriately. Given the range of construction materials used, there was a cost factor involved which all STEAM teams had to manage as part of their product designs.

This week, our Junior School students have learnt that success is more likely to come from effective collaboration than from relying on technical know-how alone. Full STEAM ahead Dulwich Puxi.