In an exciting announcement this week, Dulwich Puxi has become a partner school with the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS). 

IRIS is a UK based organisation which makes cutting edge research projects accessible to school students and their teachers across the globe so that they can experience the excitement and challenge of live scientific data. IRIS makes global data accessible to schools by providing support through webinars, research papers and other scientific resources. In return, partner schools are encouraged to share their research work collaboratively at IRIS research conferences if they wish. This is a fantastic and powerful partnership because it gives Dulwich Puxi Senior School students access to live data so that their classroom experiments become live, accountable and meaningful. They will be able to conduct genuine scientific work, rather than theoretical experimentation. 

Dulwich Puxi Senior School students will go live with IRIS in coming weeks when they will start mapping the melting of icebergs in Antartica, in real time. They will be using IRIS data to correlate and validate their own data sets.

As Professor Alan Barr of the University of Oxford said when describing his IRIS partnership experience:

“I’m really excited…There’s no way that we ourselves could have even come up with all of the questions that these students are asking. So we’re getting so much more value out of this data because of the independent and creative ways in which these students are thinking about it. It’s just fantastic.”

Thank you to our Senior School Science Teacher, Mr Amin for pursuing this opportunity for our students. We are excited about the wonders and possibilities that Science and this research partnership will bring to our students moving forward.