Dulwich Puxi Senior School - Parent Reviews

The Senior School team here at Dulwich College Puxi take great pride in upholding the 400 years of academic history and our global reputation for developing students who are worldwise and world ready for their onward university experiences in the US, the UK, and other universities around the world.

If you ask a Dulwich student what makes Dulwich Puxi different, they will probably tell you that one of the most defining features of our Senior School is that their teachers care and support them a lot with coaching, guidance and counselling. And that this support happens in every lesson in our Senior School.

But what about our parents…What do they say about Dulwich Puxi? We interviewed 4 parents recently whose children are in different year groups across the Senior School. Here is their feedback:

Social and Emotional Learning

“We are very happy with Dulwich College Puxi senior school as it gives our son a great learning platform. Not just from a curriculum perspective, which we find challenging and good, but also for his personal development. Senior school students learn to develop different skills such as, independence, planning, speaking in public, team spirit, etc, through the various activities and opportunities they get next to the curriculum; be it sports or culture.

Our son was a rather closed person before we came to Dulwich but after being here we see him open up and become more and more confident in himself.  Dulwich Puxi really invests in helping to prepare students for their future years.”

Personalised Approaches to Students’ Individual Needs

“We are very happy with DCSPX senior school for our children. Due to the small size of the cohorts and the great care and attention given to the students by the staff and teachers our daughters have received a bespoke senior school education that they would otherwise not have had access to. Our children are very different personalities and learn in different ways but each one has been given such wonderful opportunities to develop as individuals and pursue their academic interests broadly and explore a wide range of different extracurricular activities that have been new to them.”

A Strong Feedback Loop

“My child is a Year 7 student. Dulwich has been offering online classes to students since the COVID-19 began. At home, my child follows the normal curriculum and timetable, according to her daily schedule. During this period, the school teachers and parents have maintained very close contact so that parents can really understand their child's learning situation. For example, if my child does not finish the required home learning, the teacher will send an email to remind us, and then give my child extra time if needed. In addition, the school has contact with all class parents representatives every week, and gives timely feedback to parents' problems and suggestions. Thank you very much Dulwich Puxi!”

Collaborative and Caring

“Dulwich Puxi’s teachers has been very serious and details in the preparation of e-learning in the past few months, and they work very hard. Although they may have jet lag, they have their children at home who also need support. But they never trade off the quality of  teaching. As a parent, I am very grateful.

When my daughter received the 2nd academic report, her English result was not very good. She was confused at first but quickly wrote an email to her English teacher, asking for help and support, hoping to  improve her English subject. The English teacher replied to my daughter, and provided guidance on using the resources from websites and materials, so to strengthen her English.  I am truly thankful for their support.”


If you would like to know more about our Senior School experience, please get in touch by emailing or call us on 3329 9310. We would be happy to offer you a virtual tour of the College and the opportunity to see our Senior School in action.