Dulwich Puxi Shares Curriculum Innovation Across Shanghai

On Saturday, Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi was very proud to attend the 2018 Education Innovation Conference in Shanghai where Mrs. Sarah Leonard, Dulwich Primary Head of STEAM presented to educational leaders, teachers, and members of Shanghai's education community about SOLE; Dulwich's newest STEAM curriculum innovation.

SOLE, which stands for Self Organised Learning Environment introduces a class of 22 students to a “big life question" which they then need to answer by first self organising into small groups around 1 of the 6 computers in the room. They then collaborate in their small groups to search information, to document their findings, analyse their information and then finally condense and organise their findings into presentable content which is then presented to their peers. 

SOLE reflects real life learning – the need to collaborate and work together to find solutions, to identify roles and responsibilities in teams and to manage workflow for a positive outcome. Whilst often challenging, the students relish the opportunity to present to their peers, which is excellent  for their public speaking skill development.

Dulwich has seen fantastic student results with the introduction of this new curriculum innovation and was very encouraging of other educational institutions in Shanghai to consider the benefits of SOLE for their own students.

Thank you to Yuan Bo Media  for the opportunity to attend the 2018 Shanghai Education Innovation Conference.