Dulwich Puxi Switches On Students Learning

Let There Be Light!

Lessons at Dulwich College Puxi are creative so that the learning is memorable and students can excel in their academic ability. 

Recently, Year 3 have been studying the science of LIGHT– where is comes from, natural versus artificial sources, and how light travels. During their study of light, students made cameras and shadow puppet shows. 

They also participated in a photography competition. Congratulations to students, Eloise, Kevin and Gilbert for their very creative captures shown here:

1st Prize - Eloise
Many examples of light and dark here - makes us think about the mixtures of shadows and light.

2nd Prize - Kevin
Bright light of the moon and dark night sky. Shows us how nature gives a great example of light and dark.

3rd Prize – Gilbert
Very clever to show dark and light where light is really a mixture of colours together.

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