Dulwich Puxi: The Power of Personal Education

This week a visiting family asked me a very interesting question: What is the one word that sets Dulwich Puxi apart from the many other international schools that reside in Shanghai... If I could choose one word that defines Dulwich Puxi what would it be?

The word I chose was PERSONAL.

As a parent at the College, I love that the students at Dulwich are known so incredibly well by their teachers. And I don’t mean names, nationalities and favourite subjects. I mean the finer details. The teachers at Dulwich go to incredible lengths to understand their pupils. What they enjoy, what inspires them, how they prefer to learn, who they work best with, how to motivate them to tackle issues, and to successfully crack tough learning concepts together. There is a real bond - a team spirit between teachers and pupils here at Dulwich Puxi. It is a mutual respect that I’ve not seen at other schools before. 

There is power in the personal approach that our teachers achieve with each child. Not only is it the reason why Dulwich Puxi students are happy and motivated learners, but that students across Dulwich achieve the wonderfully successful IGCSE and IB Diploma results that they do.

Bright young students who are incredibly respected, supported, listened to, encouraged and challenged in very personal ways.