Dulwich Puxi: The Year We Baked A Resilience Cake

According to Heather Bowie Kaye, sustainable fashion entrepreneur, eco warrior and keynote speaker at Dulwich Puxi’s Speech Day and Awards Ceremony, this is the year that we baked a Resilience Cake.

Resilience Cake is our standout recipe for 2020. It takes thought and care to prepare, but the results are simply stunning. We can not recommend it more strongly for anyone who needs to get through tough times like we have seen in 2020, and come out feeling positive, supported, connected and focused.

In case you are wondering what a Resilience Cake looks and tastes like, we decided to share the recipe here with you all. To many of you, it may sound and taste familiar but go ahead and have a read below – we have included the key ingredients needed to make one, and the method of preparation to ensure a very successful result.

Resilience Cake

Thoughtfully made with layers of the following ingredients:



Take equal amounts of commitmentfocus and empathy.
Sprinkle a big dose of kindness.
Add generous amounts of friendship and support.
Your final layer is positivity. Be liberal with this key ingredient – you can never use too much!

This is your Resilience Cake. Do share it with everyone around you, it doesn’t run out, and you can share it with as many people as you like. In 2020, we have all needed slices of Resilience Cake at times, and at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, we are so proud of all our student chefs who have cooked this recipe for success this year. And thank you, Heather for giving our special recipe a name!