Dulwich Puxi Welcomes Famous Author Adam Bushnell

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou

Story telling is an ancient art form. It is public speaking in its most raw form. The entire journey of our existence can be recounted in story form – from the briefest of parables, to massive, epic tales. Story telling is about so much more than passing on information. It’s about drawing people in, getting them involved in their heart and soul, and igniting hunger for the next chapter. When we tell stories, we bring people on an emotional journey, high and low – they will our characters on, weep with our shared sorrows, and delight in the joys and triumphs of the narrative.

We were delighted to welcome back author and storyteller Adam Bushnell for his third visit to Dulwich Colllege Shanghai Puxi. From toddlers to the top of primary, the sound of shared story telling has engaged and thrilled our children and inspired them to develop and share their own creations. They loved their workshops, and the performance from Adam, and in true story telling fashion, they engaged heart and soul. We look forward to welcoming Adam back again next April, where he will be a guest artist at the MADD festival.