Dulwich Tours Universities & Colleges in the USA

A Dulwich education focuses on the journey of each of our students, to ensure that they receive a richly academic experience which will grow them, challenge them and complement their skill sets…. all whilst preparing them to be their best selves now and for later life; college, university and beyond. 

With this goal clearly in view, I recently joined the 5th Dulwich University Tour to the USA to better understand how we as teachers can assist our students earlier, to become more successful in their pursuit of one of life’s major stepping stones — the journey toward an undergraduate university degree. 

Across 10 days, we visited 14 top universities and colleges, meeting with professors, students, faculty heads and directors of admissions departments. These meetings helped us to deepen our understanding of current undergraduate university options. We studied course options, core curricula opportunities, academic pioneering, research opportunities…all with the view of helping our students make smarter choices. 

The Dulwich Student Success Plan is initiated in Year 7 and at the heart of it, it is about students understanding their own motivations, inspirations, passions, and identifying their intrinsic purpose and drive. The Plan is well supported by faculty, staff, and university counsellors throughout Year 7 - Year 13. As part of this journey, we focus on guiding the individual student, helping them to identify the best possible “fit” - a major challenge for young students when they are tasked with selecting the best option among the many university options they should have. 

Our students’  journey beyond Dulwich is being crafted today inside our schools, and I am proud to say that we are taking your child’s educational journey as seriously as you are - we graduate our students WORLDWISE.

I am excited to be meeting with Headmasters  from across the Dulwich family to plan the strategic direction of our Colleges. We have valued input from leading educational thinkers and the Royal Shakespeare Dulwich Company to help inform the development of our curriculum. Why is this important? Because we are committed to ensuring that our provision is innovative and relevant so that our students are well prepared for university and beyond.

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