Friends of Dulwich - New Leadership Announcement

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to announce our new Friends of Dulwich Leaders who stepped forward for these key roles this academic year.

Being part of the Friends of Dulwich is an automatic membership for ALL parents when your child joins the College.

The Committee aims to create opportunities throughout the year for parents to get together with / or without their children, to get to know other and the wider community. During the year, FOD help with the organisation of PET (Parent Effectiveness Training) and large events like Founder’s Day. Friends of Dulwich will also arrange smaller group opportunities for parents to join, including book clubs and cooking classes.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our President this year, Mrs. Finney Kan. Finney is a founding parent at the College and her daughter studies in Year 1. Supporting Finney, is our head of FOD events and marketing, Mrs. Summer Huang. Summer has played a very active role in the community since joining Dulwich, hosting workshops for Early Years parents. Summer’s son studies in the Reception year. Mrs Yuan Yi is our head of Parent Effectiveness Training and FOD workshops. Yuan Yi is also a founding parent whose son joined us in our very first academic year and now studies in the Senior School. Mr. Tim Leonard will continue in his role as advisor to FOD team and represents the Dads in our community. Tim is father of two daughters, in Year 2 and Year 9.

On behalf of the Dulwich community, I warmly welcome these 4 parents to lead our Friends of Dulwich committee this year, hosting meetings and opportunities which may bring us together in harmony, and help to make us the best school community of parents that we can be. And most of all, lets have fun together!

Welcome, Finney, Summer, Yuan Yi and Tim.  

David Ingram
Head of College