From The Classroom To Thailand.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (IA) is the world’s leading youth achievement award with over one million students in 140 countries participating in the programme. Dulwich Senior School students participate in the IA because it provides opportunities beyond the classroom for our students to develop their resilience, confidence, courage and service to others. Recently our Senior School students travelled to Thailand to participate in their first IA experience; for their Bronze Award. For seven days they participated in some very challenging tasks including 12 hours of jungle hiking, white water rafting and Muay Thai boxing. Beyond the physically challenging elements of their Bronze Award experiences, there were some truly magic moments sprinkled across the week including meeting elephants, cooking meals together and sleeping in treehouses.

The 12 hours of hiking was really challenging. There were some steep inclines along the way. I was really thankful for my peers who encouraged me to keep going and complete my journey. I felt proud of myself for that achievement. It was not easy at all. – Curtis

It was exceptionally challenging, both physically and mentally. However I found out that I was able to push my limits and overall it was great! – Zoe

It is the meaningful memories and bonds that we create on tough trips like these, that we will truly remember with our friends. – Jay

During the IA trip, I learnt that everyone works at their own pace - and we have to accept that. I really enjoyed the white water rafting and meeting the elephants. The activities were thrilling. I will never forget my IA experiences. – Jemima

During the IA trip, we studied Thai cooking. I was surprised to discover so many new and different flavours, compared to western and Chinese food. – Isabel

Deputy Head of Senior School, Mrs King was very proud of the Senior students for starting their Duke of Edinburgh International Award journey:

“The values of the IA are similar to those we uphold here at Dulwich, requiring students to aim high, work hard, be kind and respectful, and make a difference. The development path for students who complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold International Awards is a world-wise one. 
Having the opportunity to participate in the Award programme, and turn adventure and challenge into achievement is an amazing feeling for our students. The benefits of this programme are countless and Dulwich makes it possible for every Senior student as part of the curriculum we offer.”

Congratulations to our Senior students. You demonstrated GRIT and we are proud of you!