Graduate Worldwise: What Does This Mean?

Graduate Worldwise is an emphasis on human qualities running alongside academic achievement. Success by students too often is defined in terms of short-term achievements, without consideration of a longer-term view. At Dulwich College Puxi we believe this has the chance to lead young people into blind alleys. The world is changing faster than ever before with conventional qualifications not keeping up with the needs of employers or new flexible, technology-rich working environments. Too many young peoples’ futures are being shaped simplistically by qualification systems that measure the academic qualities for jobs that machines will soon replace. We believe the development of core skills and character strengths embraced by ‘Graduate Worldwise’ will enable Dulwich students to face uncertainty with confidence and opportunity.

Graduate Worldwise represents our commitment to preparing students for a future that is undefinable. This means delivering our globally recognised, outstanding Dulwich curriculum with it’s wide range of co-curricular activities, alongside our very caring and professional provision for student wellbeing, to build character strengths and skills that will stand the test of time. 

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