Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi

We believe in the importance of celebrating Chinese traditions. A knowledge and understanding of culture is an essential element of global citizenship.  This morning’s Mid-Autumn Festival assembly celebration showcased this commitment and provided our students with an important opportunity to take centre stage and enjoy the spotlight. We were delighted to welcome Ms Kang, Director of Maqiao Social Affairs Office as our honoured guest to watch the performance.  We value our relationship with Maqiao Town and it was special to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Ms Kang.  Well done to everyone who took part.  You performed brilliantly.  

It was also a pleasure watching our early years students enjoy making mooncakes this week – a delicious way of learning cultural appreciation. Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family. Please accept my best wishes for a happy holiday together with your children. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to college on Monday 5th October.

Golden autumn sent a cool, sweet osmanthus fragrance as Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi ushered in our annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. This event included a range of performances from staff and students alike, delighting the audience. 

The Chinese classical dance performance "Li Ren Xing" brought us traditional beauty. Classical songs such as "Quiet Night Thoughts" and "A Plum Blossom" triggered interactions in the audience. A vibrant performance with the traditional instrument, the Pipa, roused the students. 

Through song and dance we saw our Year 3 students perform "Reading Tang Poems" and Year 2 students perform "Little White Boat". Our talented Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi teachers also demonstrated an impressive Tai Chi performance. 

The climax of the activity was an audience participation piece titled “Chinese Culture Map”, where each year group read classic Chinese poems representing different provinces in China. Transported by these words that have been passed down through the ages, the audience walked the great rivers and mountains of China, experiencing Chinese landscapes, evoking imagery of the past and fully appreciating the diversity of this land.  

The roundest and brightest moon rises on the Mid-Autumn Festival, a day representing reunion. The community at Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi wishes everyone a happy holiday!