Have you ever opened a book which inspired you to act?

Have you ever opened a book and just felt mesmerized by the art and attention to detail? 

Our Year 2 students have - and they were so delighted and inspired by one particular book, that together they created a beautiful theatre performance about it’s story, and performed it to a live audience this week.

Year 2 have been studying the book, WILD written by author, Emily Hughes. It is a gorgeously illustrated and elegantly narrated picture book about a wild little girl who is raised by animals and then brought back to civilization. Featuring beautifully rendered illustrations, the book depicts the cosiness and warmth of nature in a forest, and how it embraces a little girl called Wild as one of its own. Beneath it’s beautiful drawings, the story carries a very strong message that everyone has the right to be free to be yourself, and to do what you really want to do in life.

With this story in mind, our students created a powerful stage performance where each child had a part to play. It was colourful, entertaining and demonstrated a wonderful understanding of the concept of the power of nature, and believing in oneself. Well done to all our Year 2 students for their brave performances.

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