Healthy bodies, active minds!

“Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you're working out, you're going to feel good.”   - Jason Statham


Dulwich Puxi has a very holistic view across our education philosophy, believing strongly that healthy bodies encourage active minds, and engaged learners. Which is why we recently celebrated Healthy Eating Week at school, bringing with it a great serve of energy and excitement to the college. 

From the motivational "Wake Up, Shake Up” training sessions led by our Head of Sport  Mr Leaver to the deliciously nutritious fruit snacks and cooking lessons provided by our Friends of Dulwich, there has been something for everyone. Dr Lesley Lu from Shanghai United Family Hospital presented to DUCKS students about oral and dental hygiene, and how different foods and drinks can hurt our teeth and gums. Brush with care!


Our older students studied the important science behind healthy eating, conducting interactive laboratory experiments on foods. They learned that not all food energy is equal, which has helped them to determine good nutrition and identify healthier food choices.

The key message is that students who take regular exercise, eat healthy food and enjoy a good night’s sleep are much better equipped to learn inside the classroom. Certainly, our teachers agree – they have definitely seen more energetic students, more engaged in the classrooms. Well done to all of our students! 


Amazing Community Spirit

Dulwich Puxi community wrapped up Healthy Eating Week with a spectacular Fancy Dress Fun Run for charity. Together we have raised an amazing 27,000 RMB which will be contributed to the students’ charity of choice. It was wonderful to see so many Dulwich families join this event and know that together we are building and supporting a healthy community of active young learners! THANK YOU to all who participated and contributed!