The art of storytelling with famous UK author, James Mayhew

Today, we welcomed Mr. James Mayhew to Dulwich Puxi. Mr Mayhew is a very famous UK author and illustrator who has won many different awards for his book illustrations, and is well known in the UK for his "Katie" series.

During his visit, Mr. Mayhew spent a wonderful amount of time with our DUCKS and Junior School students up to Year 4, who all enjoyed listening to enthusiastic storytelling and creative writing. 

The children were inspired to hear that Mr Mayhew found writing and reading hard. 

“If someone has told me in Year 1 that I would write a book, I would have laughed." His message to the children was to follow your dreams and passions and do what you are good at, and what you love most as this will take you far.

He showed the children inspiring illustrations and told mesmerising stories. He took the children to a different world, and in short has inspired us to take our writing to new heights of creativity. 

Mr Mayhew will further spend Thursday and Friday at Dulwich Puxi, working with a selected group of students from the Junior and Senior school who have been tasked to create a large scale artwork together with Mr Mayhew which illustrates imaginary worlds.